Building up Green Habits Starting Young

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Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is committed to sustainability development, including integrating upcycling concepts into fun summer holiday workshops for children to learn while having fun.

Back in August this year, Wyeth Nutrition worked with St James’ Settlement to arrange a series of Green Music Campaign which aim to engage kids and parents in a fun way to recycle/upcycle/repurpose used cans while inspire children to be creative and design their own milk powder can drum for entering drum design competition.

The campaign collected more than 70 drums for the drum design competition. All drums are made from scratch, from a basic milk powder can by children together with their parents, and each of the drums are unique in their own way. The judging session will be held in October and winners will get to showcase their drum later on in December. 

We understand that environmental performance plays a key role in the welfare of the community, we will continue to contribute to the society in different ways. 

Green Music