Ideal Workplace

Working at Wyeth Nutrition is about making a difference every day. As one of the leading nutrition companies in the world, we are dedicated to building a healthier and more sustainable world through operational excellence, product innovation, advanced scientific research and exceptional customer service.

Culture of Open Communication and Mutual Respect

The rich blend of diverse ideas, perspectives and experiences from our employees has enabled Wyeth Nutrition to become a leader in our industry and one of the best places to work in. We take great pride in our vibrant, dynamic and supportive culture. By emphasizing open communication and mutual respect, we have achieved the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.

Recognition of Employees' Value

Wyeth Nutrition recognizes the value of our people and is committed to helping our employees realize their full potential, both professionally and personally. In addition to investing in training and development initiatives, we celebrate achievements and reward performance. After all, it is our people that make us unique.

Becoming One of Us

If you're looking for challenges, an opportunity to grow and a platform to make a positive difference - in your career and personal development, in our company and in the world - take the right step by joining Wyeth Nutrition today.