Dr. Henry Gerstenberger starts to develop a formula based on the composition of human milk.


Extensive clinical studies of the formula, named SMA (Synthetic Milk Adapted), at the Babies' Dispensary and Children's Hospital in Cleveland establish it as a successful feeding alternative for infants.


First commercial production and distribution of SMA signal the birth of the US infant formula industry.


Shipments of SMA to England and the Philippines.


Carotene is added to SMA in amounts similar to those in human milk. The company becomes the world's major supplier of carotene.


Iron is added in an amount sufficient to satisfy the infant's requirements.


Improvements are made in labeling and packaging. The SMA label is first in the industry to carry an expiration date.


Wyeth develops the first commercially available infant formula for healthy term infants from birth onwards with a whey-to-casein ratio of 60:40, similar to that of mature human milk. The process, developed by Wyeth, demineralizing whey makes it possible to increase the whey content of the formula without increasing the load on the kidneys, making it easier on the infant's system.


Wyeth is the first milk formula manufacturer to make fat blend resemble the fatty acid profile of human milk.


The launch of Wyeth's follow-on formula, PROMIL, helps ensure good nutrition during the weaning period and beyond.


Nucleotides are added to Wyeth infant formula. Five important nucleotides found in human milk are identified and added to Wyeth's infant formula. Wyeth formula is fortified with nucleotides which help supporting infants' immunity.


Wyeth launches PROGRESS. An iron-rich, high-energy, cow's milk-based supplement, PROGRESS, is formulated for children between the ages of 1 and 3 years.


Wyeth's AR, an antiregurgitation formula, is launched in several countries around the world. Also, long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids from pure vegetables sources are added to S-26 LBW.


Wyeth introduces S-26 HMF, a fortifier for low birth weight babies fed expressed human milk. In the same year, Wyeth launches a lactose-free (LF) formula for babies with lactose intolerance.


Wyeth launches the first in its GOLD line, a premium, whey-dominant infant formula enriched not only with preformed AA and DHA derived from pure vegetable sources, but also with physiologic amounts of five nucleotides, natural mixed carotenoids, selenium, and iron.

Wyeth launches PROMISE GOLD®, a growing-up formula specifically formulated for children from three years of age onwards to provide a healthy foundation for nutrition.


Wyeth launches PROMIL GOLD®, the follow-on formula for infants 6 to 12 months of age is the first of its kind to be fortified with both AA and DHA, long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids derived from pure vegetable sources.


Wyeth introduces its AA- and DHA-fortified PROGRESS GOLD®for children 1 to 3 years old.


The first and only infant formula rich in alpha-lactalbumin (alpha-protein), the predominant whey protein in human milk, is the latest innovation in first-age infant formula GOLD from Wyeth Nutrition. It has the most physiologic profile of any infant formula in the world.

Wyeth's HA, a partially hydrolyzed Whey protein-based formula for infants at risk for developing allergy-related feeding problems, is introduced.

Wyeth introduces its AA- and DHA-fortified PROMISE GOLD® formulation, for children 3 years and onwards.


Wyeth Nutrition becomes the first nutritional company to globally launch the addition of lutein simultaneously across the Wyeth GOLD series, including PROMIL GOLD®, PROGRESS GOLD®, and PROMISE GOLD®.


After Pfizer's acquisition of Wyeth, the former nutrition business of Wyeth becomes one of its nine business units.


Wyeth® PE GOLD® is launched. It is the nutritional formula for picky eating children aged 1 year old and above, containing 40 nutritional components found in 7 major food groups and specifically supplementing the 7 at risk nutrients that picky eating young children may not get inadequate amounts.

Wyeth GOLD series is upgraded and contains Biofactors System™ in which the macro- and micro-nutrient levels in the formulation are readjusted to match the nutritional requirement of children at different age ranges.


Wyeth® Enercal Plus® is introduced. It is a milk- and soy-based supplement for adults in a totally new look. It is a remarkable milestone for the company to step into the market of adult supplement, aiming to help provide product users with all-round nutrition.

With the commitment to innovation, brand new ILLUMA® series is launched. By understanding babies' natural nutritional needs, ILLUMA® incorporates the innovative "Human Affinity Formula" which follows nature. It contains sn-2 Palmitate, a breakthrough body-friendly molecular structure.


Nestle acquires Pfizer Nutrition. The business becomes part of Nestle Nutrition and is renamed as Wyeth Nutrition, which continues to offer quality and scientifically-designed nutritional products to improve nutrition and wellness for young children, women and adults.


To make the ILLUMA® series more comprehensive, ILLUMA® Stage 4 is launched. It is growing-up formula milk powder for children 3 years old and above, and it also incorporates "Human Affinity Formula".

Wyeth Nutrition launches the upgraded Wyeth GOLD series, advancing the level of different important nutrients, including DHA, choline and lutein, in different stages, hence to match the needs of children in various stages.

Wyeth Nutrition launches Wyeth Mama® Algae Oil DHA, further enriching its product profile for maternal supplement series and helping to support the nutrition needs of women from before pregnancy, pregnancy to lactating periods.


Wyeth® PE GOLD® is upgraded. Its Stage 3 product is suitable for picky eating children aged 1 -3 years old, while its Stage 4 product is suitable for picky eating children aged 3 years and above. The products can meet the nutrition needs of children in different stages.

Wyeth Nutrition launches the upgraded Wyeth Mama®, reducing the product's level of fat, sugar and energy. The upgraded formula helps to support the nutrition needs of women from before pregnancy, pregnancy to lactating periods.

Based on the science of evolving nutritional needs of children, Wyeth Nutrition launches Wyeth® BabyNes®. Combining nutrition and technology, the advanced nutrition system is not only a significant milestone for the company, but also a breakthrough in the child nutrition industry.


Selecting a natural and pure milk source^, Wyeth Nutrition launches a brand new product, S-26® Ultima®. Together with its professional nutrient combination, this product, originated from Switzerland, can help support the nutrition needs of children.

^refers to the non-fat milk in the formula

Wyeth Nutrition launches the upgraded S-26® GOLD.

The formula contains S-26® S-Lipid™(Sphingomyelin) and S-26® Nutrilearn™(DHA、Choline and Lutein), with soluble dietary fiber (Oligofructose) increased around 66%*. Soluble dietary fiber helps support intestinal beneficial bacteria to grow, and helps to promote softer stools thereby helping to support intestinal health.

*Compared with previous Wyeth® GOLD formulation, on per 100mL basis

To meet the nutritional needs of different moms-to-be and new moms, the Mom & Me® series is launched in Hong Kong by BabyNes® this year. Capsules with two different formulas, Preconception & Pregnancy Formulated Powder and Lactation Formulated Powder, are available for consumers with diverse needs. Mom & Me® series contains the unique 2+2 Inner Smile™ ingredient matrix. This combination of prebiotics and probiotics helps improve the composition of intestinal microbiota and support mothers’ intestinal health.


Wyeth Nutrition launches ILLUMA® “Human Affinity™ Organic Formula”. The formula is accredited with EU Organic Certification by IOFGA, 100% imported from Ireland and contains the Defense Nutritional Combination1 to help support babies' immunity. “Organic Affinity”, allowing babies to grow naturally and unleash innate talents.

1Defense Nutritional Combination for Immunity contains Zinc, Iron and Selenium

Wyeth Nutrition launches MATERNA® Opti-Lac® Food Supplement for Lactating Women, further enriching its product profile for maternal and lactating supplement series, the product contains a unique probiotic strain that supports continued breastfeeding in lactating moms.


ILLUMA® launched the 3rd generation of HMO, the upgraded ILLUMA® LUXA® Human Affinity® Formula, which contains the most types of HMOs in the world#, precisely designed to contain 6 types of HMOs*.

#MangoBox is entrusted to undertake a global search via Global New Product Database from Mintel on the current infant and growing-up formula milk powder. As of April 17, 2021, ILLUMA®LUXA® contains most types of 6 HMOs in the world.
*6HMOs refers to 2'-Fucosyllactose (2'-FL) 0.021g/100mL, Lacto-N-neotetraose (LNnT) 0.011g/100mL, Difucosyllactose (DFL) 0.0031g/100mL, Lacto-N-tetraose (LNT) 0.0068g/100mL, 3'-Sialyllactose (3'-SL) 0.0050g /100mL, 6'-Sialyllactose (6'-SL) 0.0046g/100mL (6 types of HMO, not from human milk)