Quality & Product Safety Guarantee

At Wyeth Nutrition, quality and professional integrity are our highest priorities. Our commitment to quality and integrity has always extended beyond formulation to manufacturing. Milk formulas are among the most stringently regulated consumer products in the world. We manufacture our products with reference to food quality and safety standards set by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a body run jointly by the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization, and we comply with all regulations in the countries where we operate.

We bring to the manufacture of nutrition products the same diligence and attention to detail used in pharmaceutical production, striving for total consumer confidence in our products. State-of-the art facilities and the strictest standards of quality and safety have earned Wyeth Nutrition the honor of being the first formula manufacturer to have all its plants that manufacture formula products to the Hong Kong market achieve ISO certification in recognition of their manufacturing excellence.

We set the industry standard with:

Rigorous production protocols

  • All components, from ingredients to packaging materials, are tested by our suppliers consistent with the highest quality and safety standards
  • Suppliers must comply with comprehensive standards
  • Quality assurance systems are in place including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), which is endorsed by Codex and the U.S. FDA

Close collaboration with government health authorities and consumers

  • We work in close partnership with international and national regulators to promote product safety standards
  • We respond quickly to any safety or consumer concerns that might arise
  • We provide carelines to assist consumers and to listen to their feedback

Continual investment in cutting-edge technologies and research

  • We code our products so that we can trace them back to the exact date, time and place of production
  • We are investigating alternative packaging options that could provide additional consumer value and safety features