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Our Commitment to the Community

Promotion of Volunteerism

Creating shared value is at the heart of Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong's principles. We firmly believe in the essence of "what is taken from the community used in the interests of society".

Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong promotes a culture of charitable giving and volunteerism among our colleagues and business partners. Every employee at every level of our organization contributes to the well-being of society through our diverse range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Our dedicated volunteer team regularly organizes and participates in different charity events and programs such as helping children with special needs. Our colleagues contribute their time, energy and talents to make a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

Cooperation with Different Partners

We are also scaling up efforts and working with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as other partners, in meeting various community needs, concerns and aspirations, for example, through supporting a wide range of charitable donation initiatives and learning workshops which address community needs.

To understand more about our global approach to partnership and advocacy, please click HERE.

Being Environmental Friendly

As a responsible corporate citizen, Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong also understands that environmental performance plays a key role in the welfare of the community. We implement environmental friendly policy in our daily operations.

Persistence with Commitment to Community

By working with the community, in the community, for the community, we help to support the development of healthier individuals, happier families and a more vibrant, thriving society. Going forward, we will persist with our commitment to the community in response to the evolving social and environmental circumstances. We will also engage with our stakeholders more actively so as to better understand their priorities and continue to improve our CSR involvement accordingly.

Our Support to Establish a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace

Wyeth Nutrition strongly encourages supportive measures for breastfeeding at workplace. In our office, we have implemented breastfeeding-friendly policies to help support the role of families of our employees. A dedicated breastfeeding room is set up for our female colleagues who may be in need of this facility. This is an important step to support our female colleagues who would like to continue to breast feed their babies after returning to work. They are also entitled to have a maximum of half-year maternity leave. Seminars and workshops on breastfeeding education by internal experts or external health care professionals are also organized for employees from time to time.