Research & Development

Origin of Innovation

Many of the major innovations in the milk formula industry are the outcomes of our ongoing dedication to research. Our commitment to advancing the nutritional health of babies began in the early 1900's, when many infants were dying from unsanitary conditions and infectious diseases. These poor health conditions inspired Dr. Gerstenberger, a pediatrician from Cleveland, to develop the first physiologic formula designed to enable non-breastfed infants to survive.

Persistence of Improving Products

Through decades of scientific research, Wyeth Nutrition, along with researchers and clinicians around the world, has identified many of the key biofactors that help ensure optimal nutrition for young children. Although like human milk, many standard milk formulas are whey-dominant and contain alpha-lactalbumin (alpha-protein), a primary protein in human milk which is easy to digest1. Wyeth Nutrition keeps continuously improving the products by adjusting the level of whey and alpha-lactalbumin for a closer composition of human milk.
Our research has produced several significant "firsts" that represent landmark improvements in milk formula composition. To remain at the forefront of research and innovation, we partner continuously with nutrition experts around the world. Through ongoing research and development of life sustaining milk formula, as well as vitamin and nutrient-rich milk products, Wyeth Nutrition is helping to improve the future outcomes of our next generation.

1. Lien E, Davis A and multi-center study group, A multicenter study of the growth, acceptability and protein status of a lower protein term infant formula with increased bovine alpha-lactalbumin (Abstr). J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 34:479, 2002.