Nutri-Add Market Tour

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This year marks the 9th year of the Nutri-Add Family Program, which is co-hosted by Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong and St. James’ Settlement, aiming to enhance nutritional knowledge among underprivileged families as well as the public.

Last year, the program has launched four videos, featuring secondary school students together with the dietitian from our company, using their creativity to make nutritious snacks for different members of the family with 3D food printing technology. After experiencing some emerging technology last year, we decided to go back to the basics for this year’s Nutri-Add Family Program – start with buying fresh ingredients from wet market and preparing the dish.

There will be two series of videos this year – the first series focus in ingredients that support immune system and second series focus in ingredients that help to relieve pressure. Public are invited to vote for the ingredients to be used for each dish and video of the chosen ingredients will be published on the following week sharing how to prepare the dish by registered nutritionist. The first video is now available here, do vote and let us know which ingredient interest you more.

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Facing public health challenge, Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is committed to provide support in all forms to the society we live in. We hope our Nutri-Add videos could provide useful nutritional information and inspire the public to start cooking and eating healthily. Stay tuned for more upcoming videos!