Engaging with customers via different channels

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Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong understand the importance of communication with consumers, that is why we explore different communication channels to provide exclusive information and deals to our mama club member.

Wyeth Nutrition participated again in the Baby Expo which was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 22-25 Oct this year, we had a booth set up to attract and facilitate the registration of Wyeth mama club members at the expo.

Welcome gifts had been prepared as a token of thanks for all those who joined onsite. We have received overwhelming response and successfully recruited more than 10,000 mums to join us.

In addition, Wyeth Nutrition has recently merged Wyeth mama Club and ILLUMAMA® Community into one membership with the hope to provide a more comprehensive and consolidated information including latest news and activities update to all members.

Wyeth Nutrition will continue to put customer needs at the very first place and provide all kinds of support to parents as needed.