Combining STEM with nutrition education

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2019 marks the 8th year of the Nutri-Add Family Program, which is co-hosted by Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong and St. James’ Settlement, aiming to enhance nutritional knowledge among underprivileged families as well as the public.

Last year, the program launched six videos featuring the popular miniature cooking set, enabling kids to learn about food nutrition in a fun way together with their parents. This year, the program has combined nutrition and food waste reduction education with an emerging technology – 3D food printing.

The program has launched four videos, in which you can see secondary school students, together with the dietitian from Wyeth Nutrition, using their creativity to make nutritious snacks for different members of the family – mom, dad, grandparents, and younger siblings. With the use of 3D food printing technology, all snacks come with specially designed shapes and forms: a crown for mom, a car and moustache for dad, mahjong for grandparents and animals for younger siblings.

What is more is that each snack has used specific healthy ingredients, fitting the nutritional needs of that specific group of family members. The dietitian also shared nutritional information on the ingredients throughout the videos.

We hope that the videos will not only be able to share nutritional knowledge and raise awareness on food waste reduction, but also to introduce emerging technology to the public.

Have a look at the videos here:



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