Building a Green Office

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Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong understands the importance of environmental protection, thus have been proactively working on it through different channels. Recently, we have participated in the ‘Hong Kong Green Day 2021 – Green Pledge’, organized by the Green Council, pledging to build a green office.

‘Hong Kong Green Day 2021 – Green Pledge’ consist of 4 different areas in creating a green office, including saving energy, conserving water, enhancing efficiency of resource use, implementing reuse and recycling and encouraging colleagues to go green, trying our best to spread the green messages to other organizations and the community, all while promoting sustainable development in Hong Kong.

In our office, we have set up different types of recycling bins, such as plastic, paper and different kinds of packaging which aims to make recycling easier for colleagues. We also encourage colleagues to reuse single-sided paper, envelops and folders, in order to reduce waste. Additionally, we put signs and memos around our office, reminding colleagues to save energy and reduce carbon footprint.

Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong will continue to practice a greener lifestyle, all while creating more shared values for the society.


Green Day