Supporting and Promoting Healthy Eating

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11/30/2021 Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is committed to provide support in all forms to the society we live in. 

This year marks the 10th year of the Nutri-Add Family Program, which is co-hosted by Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong and St. James’ Settlement, aiming to enhance nutritional knowledge among underprivileged families as well as the public. Last year, the program has published two series of videos – the first on immune system and second  on relieve pressure. 

For this year, we have organized two social media health talk which have been held in August and September and 10 consultation sessions which will be held over November and December. The first four consultation sessions were held by Wyeth Nutrition in-house Dietitian. All participating families were asked to use $100 to buy some nutritious food items before the session and our dietitian will give feedback and suggestions to each family so as to guide them in picking more nutritious items for the family. 

We hope our Nutri-Add live sessions and consultation sessions could provide useful nutritional information and inspire the public to start eating healthily. 

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