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Caring Customer Services

Establishment of Wyeth MaMa Club
Key Bridge Between Customers and Company

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key bridge between end consumers and our company. At Wyeth Nutrition, CRM is striving to be the best partner of parenting for parents by providing excellent and value-added customer service through the Wyeth MaMa Club. Founded in 1989, our Wyeth MaMa Club is committed to offer a wide range of services and activities in order to provide useful information regarding our nutritional products, BB care, antenatal care and personal hygiene for enhancing the health and well-being of BB and families.

Provision of Diversified Services

All of these diverse services are age-specific and at times, even personalized in order to create the best customer experience and meet baby care needs. Warm caring calls made to mothers in our club, seminars by health care professionals and reputable educators for parents at different stages, regular age-specific baby care e-newsletters, SMS caring tips, as well as fun-filled playgroups for family are important services that we provide.