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Key Programs

Cooperation with St. James’ Settlement
Nutri-Add Family Program

To enhance the nutrition knowledge of the underprivileged and to raise their concern about balanced diet, Wyeth Nutrition and St. James' Settlement People's Food Bank has jointly organized the "Nutri-Add Family Program" for five consecutive years since 2012. For the first two years, 30 families from St. James Settlement were invited to participate in the Program respectively. In 2014, the Program extended its scale to reach the community as well as primary schools. The beneficiaries of the Program have reached 2,750 people times so far. There is a proverb that says, "Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime." The Program aims to allow parents and children with the guidance of a dietitian, to understand their daily diet from a nutrition perspective and learn about choosing and matching suitable food within limited budget, hence to achieve the goal of balanced nutrition by applying the knowledge in their daily life, and to share the nutrition knowledge they learned with the community. Since its launch, the Program offered participants a series of educational and entertaining activities, including nutrition talks, healthy recipe design and cooking competition, family cooking classes, family day camp, video production for nutrition knowledge sharing, fun fair in the community, etc. The Program also collaborated with talents studying nutritional sciences in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (“CUHK”) and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (“PolyU”) to design board games under the theme of nutrition, which allowed participants to learn with fun. One of the board games, Rainbow Diet, will be massively distributed to primary schools in Hong Kong to facilitate the teaching of relevant nutrition knowledge.

Cooperation with SARDA
“Creation of Healthy Family” Program

To promote healthy family life and to meet the nutritional needs of drug abusers and their children, Wyeth Nutrition has supported various health education projects of the Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers (SARDA) for the 10th consecutive year since 2006, benefiting about 1,000 drug abusers and their children each year. In 2016, we continued to support SARDA to organize the "Creation of Healthy Family" Program. In their various services such as child care training, learning classes, and art therapy groups etc, we support and offer drug abusers and their children with nutrition products so as to enhance their health and nutrition. Our colleague from the Medical, Regulatory and Quality Affairs team also offered a health talk under the Program in order to provide the participants with nutrition and health information and to answer their related enquiries. In addition, we supported SARDA to organize a territory-wide colouring and poster design competition to further promote anti-drug messages in the community. In the past years, we also co-organized volunteer activities with SARDA to convey messages on healthy living to children of drug abusers through interesting games.

Cooperation with Heep Hong Society
360 Degree Social Adaptation Program

In addition to caring the nutritional needs of children, Wyeth Nutrition is also concerned about children's development and growth as an integral, especially for those children with special needs. Since 2011, Wyeth Nutrition has partnered with Heep Hong Society to organize the "360 Degree Social Adaptation Program" for children with special needs with an aim to help them to learn about social life adaptation through a series of activities. The "360 Degree Social Adaptation Program" includes activities which enrich children's social interaction experiences, such as spring outing, having haircut, taking public transport, wall painting, career role-playing games, and Nature Exploration Day etc. In addition, activities like going "yum cha" and Christmas gathering are also organized to help them to acquire daily social life skills and teach them about social manner. All these are aiming at providing children with different kinds of experience and training. In addition to serving children, the Program also offers mock job interview for teenagers with special needs and volunteers from Pfizer Nutrition (the former of Wyeth Nutrition) would provide guidance and suggestions for the interviewees. It is hoped that the teenagers can capitalize on the professional advice and further integrated with the society. In all of the above activities, our volunteer team played an active role in them by enthusiastically serving the children as well as the teenagers, and promoting spirit of serving the community.