Recipe for Supporting Immune System – Vegetables Egg Rolls

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支持抵抗力食譜 - 蔬菜蛋卷


There are more discussions about boosting immune system recently, therefore Wyeth Nutrition joint hands with St James Settlement and prepared a series of “Market Tour” short videos under the Nutri-Add Family Program, aiming to provide some inspirations for those of you who are hoping to prepare delicious yet nutritious meal at home.

Boosting immune system is very important and the below ‘Minced Beef with Vegetables Egg Rolls’ recipe provide support to our immune system and can help keeping us healthy. The ingredients that were used in the recipe are especially useful in boosting our immune system:

Egg: Rich in protein and protein is a main component of immune cells in our body, and it is also essential for tissue repair. When viruses or bacteria appear, our immune system produces antibodies, and proteins are one of the components of antibodies.

Beef: Rich in iron, which is extremely important for the growth and proliferation of immune cells. Lack of iron may reduce immunity.

Carrots: Vitamin A can help strengthen the protection and regeneration of cell mucosa, prevent the invasion of viruses and bacteria, support respiratory and intestinal health, and reduce the chance of infection.

Egg yolk: Vitamin D helps calcium absorption and bone health. It also has an immune function and helps regulate various immune responses.

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Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is committed to provide support in all forms to the society we live in. We hope our Nutri-Add videos could provide useful nutritional information and start living healthily.



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