Integrating Green Living into Everyday Life

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Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is committed in supporting sustainable development and environmental protection.

In order to promote the idea of integrating green living into our everyday life, Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong organised the "Green Music Workshop" for the first time in 2019. The workshop has been moved online for this year, focusing in teaching children how to turn used infant formula cans into a music drum, then making use of the drum to play some simple songs and even ensemble with the help from parents. We hope to combine music with ‘go green’ elements, thus educating children with some basic tips for being environmentally friendly in a fun and engaging way.

Apart from making it more interesting for children to learn music, we also hope to train and discover some of their potentials (including memory, focus, observance and speaking) by asking them to pay attention to the video with parents and answer a simple question in order to win a nicely decorated drum, which will also allow them to enjoy the fun of music at home.

The first three videos have been uploaded to "Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong S-26" Facebook page:
Do come and check it out!

Wyeth Nutrition believe in starting small and doing more, the easiest ways to do so are to change our everyday habits and reuse, recycle and even upcycle whenever possible. Wyeth Nutrition pledge to do our very best to live a more sustainable lifestyle and contribute to protect the environment whenever we can.